Monday, January 2, 2017

1 Main Formula

Many of my posts refer to a "Formula" provided by the inner twin world.   This is what is entailed:

In the case where two dates arising in an investigation form a sequence  ie: "September 2 and September 3", this cluster serves to prompt us to seek out an intended 3rd or more in the sequence, and so in comes the "Formula":
First we venture to the wiki page of the date that makes up the missing 3rd part of a sequence.  And because the lists of Notable Events, Births, and Deaths on each days wiki page is long, we are "generally" expected to limit our search to the Deaths section and then to only those who died during a year having 3 identical numbers at the end (in keeping with the inner twin world's propensity for clusters), this is usually 1999 and 2000, however occasionally some have died in 1888 and earlier.  In the rare circumstance where there are no deaths occurring in these years, we then check out the Deaths immediately above and below where 1999 and 2000 would otherwise be.  As well, I will also check out deaths occurring in 2011.  On rare occasions I'll resort to the Birth section where we again limit our search to those born during a year having 3 identical numbers at the end.  When we locate the intended person(s), we investigate the finer details for the cryptic message imbedded within.   
That is "generally" how things go, however there are instances where the inner twin world throw a "curve ball" into the mix.  As an example, let's say we're investigating a notable person who has recently passed away, and we discover that on his wiki page there are a number of notable persons mentioned, 2 of whom have dates (birth/death) that form a sequence, and then a third or more persons whose date of birth/death is "one off" from a notable date ie 9/11 (as in the Terrorist Attack of 2001) or Christmas Day.  In this case, the addition(s) to the "Off By One" pattern-clusters indicate a "curve ball" that in turn serves as a means of prompting us to think outside the box and also take into consideration the years that are "one off" from ie 1999 and 2000.  Another example of a curve ball would be a pattern cluster of identical names near those who died in 1999 and 2000, note the following example on the January 28 wiki page: